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Instructions: Go to schoology. Click "Groups" and then "My Groups" at the upper right-hand corner of the drop-down menu. Click "Join Group" and type in the access code below.

Access Code: TXZC8 - G82ZS


Meetings this year will be held the FIRST Wednesday of every month. There are few exceptions to this rule based on conflicts in the school calendar. These dates include:

September 12th, 2018 October 3rd, 2018 November 7th, 2018 December 5th, 2018 January 2nd, 2019 February 6th, 2019 March 6th, 2019 April 3rd, 2019 May 1st, 2019

If you miss any of these meetings, the minutes of the meeting will be posted on the "Documents & Forms" page of this site.

*Members should attend at least 4 of these 9 scheduled meetings to remain in good standing.


Service Hours, 2018-2019

To be considered an active standing member, one will complete:

10 in club hours

4 outside volunteer hours

4 collection hours

4 meeting hours

TOTAL: 22 hours *SENIORS must serve all hours by APRIL 18, 2019 to earn a graduation cord. No exceptions! *Underclassmen must serve all hours by APRIL 26, 2019 to remain active members in good standing.

*Active in-Club Volunteer Hours

Active volunteer hours are those served during events organized by the Cumberland Valley Key Club. If you know of an event that needs volunteers, please contact Ms. Ferree and ask if it can be included in the club’s events!

*Collections Hours

Throughout the school year, you may hand in the following to Mr. Lutz's room (212) for collections hours:

        1 sandwich bag (up to 3) of soda tabs for 1 hour

        15 glossy magazines (up to 45) for 1 hour 20 Box Tops (up to 60 per year) for 1 hour

There will also be clothing, food drives, and charity collections (i.e. UNICEF, LLS, etc) at announced times that will allow you to earn collections hours.

NEW THIS YEAR (Extra Collections): Submit 2 high-quality photos of you volunteering for 1 collections hour (must have photos of YOU in them - we want to see your smiling faces!) to room 212 in the designated grade binder under the "Collections Photos" tab. Please include a 2-3 sentence description of what you are doing in the photo. Descriptions can be written on the back of the photo in pen. Photos must be printed in color, preferably, and should be roughly 3'' x 5''. They should be cut out ahead of time. We'd love to have as many people as possible take advantage of this! *We will be creating a Key Club PHOTO WALL for each grade to show off your volunteering commitment! Please be sure to label donations with your name, and log donations in the designated binder.) A collection hour may also be acquired by emailing 7 event photos to Additionally, there will be seasonal service projects (i.e. UNICEF, Operation Christmas Child, Pet Food Donation Drive) to earn collection hours. *Meeting Hours

We ask that you try your best to make EVERY meeting throughout the year. If that is not possible, please attempt to attend at least 2-3 each semester for a total of at least 4 meetings.

- 1 hour is granted for those who attend entire meeting

- .5 hour is granted for those who attend but must leave early for another obligation (i.e. sports, appointments, etc.

- If you can not make a meeting but have a chance to “check in” between 3-3:10pm to see what information is being given, we will have you sign in and keep this for our records. No hours will be given for this check in. However, if you then regularly participate in other volunteer categories (besides meetings), we will know that you at least tried to stay in contact with the club through these “check ins” and you can remain in good standing.

*Outside Hours

As a club that seeks to serve its school and community, we hope that you are seeking to volunteer on your own. We ask that you find ways to volunteer outside of the club’s events. When you complete these hours, you may submit an individual hours form to Mr. Fish which can be found on the website (make sure to take with you when you volunteer).

AS A RULE OF THUMB- If you are volunteering for something that you would list on an activities resume on its own (i.e. volunteer camp counselor, internship at a hospital, etc), these hours should NOT be submitted toward your outside hours.

*SENIORS must have all hours completed by April 27, 2016 to earn graduation stole



*If you would like to sign up to volunteer, visit the Key Club website and click on the “Events” page. Here, you can enter your information (name, grade, e-mail, phone) and sign up for an event shift.

*If you can not attend an event because of an EMERGENCY, please contact us ASAP.



If you sign up and do not show up, you are taking away that “spot” from another member who could have volunteered AND letting down the organizers of the event.

1)    If you can not attend an event because of an EMERGENCY, please contact

2)    The most responsible action you can take if a non-emergency conflict comes up with your shift is to find a fellow member to cover the time slot, and alert of their name and number of hours served at the event.

3)    No call no show:

-1st warning: Minus 1 hour from yearly total

-2nd warning: Minus the # of hours for which you signed up for the event

Officer List

Elected Officers:

President: Abigail Roy (12th) Vice President: Vishnu Viswanathan (12th) Secretary: Sidh Chaudhary (12th) Treasurer: Akshat Sachdeva (12th) Editor: Shweta Marathe (11th) Webmaster: Avni Sanghvi (12th)

Board Members:

Assistant to the Secretary: Simmi Bains (12th) Assistant to the VP: Yajur Tomar (12th) Assistant to the Treasurer: Andrew Schmid (11th) Assistant to the Webmaster: Maddy Gillespie (12th) Collection Officer: Bhargava Motupalli (12th) Meeting Coordinator: Kayla FIne (11th) Public Relations: Anushka Konka (11th) Retirement Centers Liaison: Isabella Roy (10th) Junior Class Rep.: Hannah So (11th) Sophomore Class Rep.: Bella LaVia (10th) Arts' Officer: TBD

Faculty Adviser

Mr. Mike Lutz   
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