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You are encouraged to participate in more than one of the three gift drives. However, in order to spread holiday spirit over as large of an area as possible, please only do each gift drive once this year. 

Make sure these are GOOD QUALITY GIFTS because they’re being given to real people in our area. If they look used, damaged, or too cheap, we WILL NOT count them towards your hours. Do not wrap gifts because Mr. Fish or a designated board member will check your gifts in person and sign off on the logsheet to verify the quality.  No war-related toys or perishable food. 

FOR ALL DONATIONS, NO MATTER WHICH GIFT DRIVE: LABEL YOUR GIFT(S) WITH YOUR NAME AND GRADE and LOG YOUR DONATION IN THE BINDER in ROOM 260 or at the December 6 general meeting to ensure that we will log your hours. Again, LABEL AND LOG, PEOPLE!!!

1. ANGEL TREE (for children in the CV School District)

Deadline: December 6
See Ms. Stoshack in Department Supervisors Office in junior wing to pick up a child's wishlist.

Groups of 4 volunteers buying $50 worth of gifts for 1 child = 1 hour for each volunteer
Groups of 2 volunteers buying $50 worth of gifts for 1 child = 2 hours for each volunteer

Max. 2 hours per volunteer for this specific project; all hours will go to category of your choice (internal, external, collections, or meeting hours)

As always, label your donations and log them in the Key Club binder. 


Deadline: December 13
Who: Partnering with FBLA and Marine Toys for Tots, Harrisburg branch
What: Collecting toys and books to distribute to 30,000 local disadvantaged kids
1 QUALITY gift = 1 collections hour.
2 QUALITY gifts = 1 collections hour + 1 hour in the CATEGORY OF YOUR CHOICE. (This floating hour will only be granted if you turn in TWO gifts that are both for this project.)
Max 2 gifts. 

Where: Drop off your gift(s) in the designated “Toys for Tots” bins in room 260. As always, label your donations and log them in the Key Club binder. 
You may still drop off toys in other “Toys for Tots” collections bins monitored by FBLA around the school after December 15, but we will only use the rm 260 bins and logsheets to log Key Club hours.

3. BE A SANTA FOR A SENIOR (This project is PENDING until closer to the holiday season when www.beasantatoasenior.com is up-and-running. Here are tentative instructions.)

Deadline: AT LEAST 2 DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE ON THE ORNAMENT (or December 13, whichever deadline is earlier.)

In December, several local businesses will have Christmas trees displayed. They have paper ornaments with the written gift requests of local senior citizens in nursing homes.
A. Go to www.beasantatoasenior.com to find a local participating location. These businesses will have paper ornaments on trees with the gift requests of local nursing home residents written on them.
B. Travel to the location and remove a paper ornament from the tree. Buy the item/items listed on the ornament. Include a note with your name and wishing them a happy holidays from CVHS Key Club!
C. BRING BACK your paper ornament with your gift(s). On your gift(s), WRITE THE LOCATION from which you took your ornament and the DUE DATE of your gifts for your specific tree. As always, label your donations and log them in the Key Club binder. 
 1 item = 1 collections hour
 More than 1 item = 1 collections hour + extra hour(s) IN THE CATEGORY OF YOUR CHOICE.  (These floating hours will only be granted for a pair or group of gifts that all go with this project.)
 Maximum 1 ornament (approx 2-4 items) 

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