2023-24 Course Offerings*

* Please note that the courses listed below are subject to enrollment minimums and signing up for a course does not mean that it will be offered in the 2023-24 school year.  

HACC Accounting 101

   Introduces commonly accepted accounting principles as they pertain to external financial reports. This course addresses the accounting cycle, accounting systems, theories and policies relative to asset valuation, liability measurement, and income determination. Emphasis is placed on accounting for sole proprietorship and partnerships.

HACC Biology 111 –Introduction to Human Biology

   Explores basic biological principles by studying the structure and function of the human body with a focus on body systems. This course emphasizes homeostasis, the relationship of anatomy and physiology at all levels of biological organization, and the demonstration of life processes through the normal functioning of body systems. This is an introductory science course for non-science majors and preparatory for students in Health and Public Service programs.

HACC Business 101

   Introduces students to the broad field of business. This course covers an overview of the basic functions of business including management, marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. The course also introduces students to basic economic systems and discusses the importance of ethics and corporate social responsibility to business success.

Harrisburg University Calculus L2
Most colleges and universities now require a calculus course for those students entering many business and social science fields. This course is designed to introduce students to the primary concepts of derivatives, integrals, and limits from an inductive rather than a theoretical approach. 

HACC Computer Information Systems (CIS) 105

   Provides a fundamental understanding of computers and familiarizes students with the interaction of computer hardware and software. Emphasis is on the application of computers and hands-on use of software applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, file and database management.

HACC English 101

   Emphasizes the composition of organized, clear, coherent, and well-supported essays, which features standard English conventions, effective style, and the appropriate use of research strategies and sources. Students develop the critical reading and thinking skills necessary to produce effective college-level writing that communicates to a particular audience, fulfills a specified purpose, and conforms to a given genre.

HACC English 102

   Builds on English 101, connecting thinking, reading and writing, research, interpretation, and argumentation emphasized.

HACC History 103 (History of the United States I)

   Covers the history of the United States from Pre-European colonization to the year 1865. This course examines the major events, as well as the individuals, that played a significant role in the development of the United States during this time period. Special attention is paid to the following topics: Native America, European Conquest and Settlement, the Atlantic Economy, Imperial Conflicts in North America, America and the Revolution, the New Republic, Jacksonian America, Westward Expansion, Antebellum America, and A Divided Union and the American Civil War.

HACC History 104 (History of the United States II)

   Covers the history of persons and events that have contributed to life in America from Civil War Reconstruction to the present. This course specifically addresses: Civil War Reconstruction including the Principles and Causes of the Civil War; Industrialization and the Gilded Age; Conflicts and Change in the West; United States Foreign Policy and Imperialism; the Progressive Era; World War I; the 1920s; the Great Depression and the New Deal; World War II; the Cold War and Vietnam; the Civil Rights Movement; Rising Power of American Conservatism; the Clinton Era; Globalization; and living in a Post 9/11 World.

HACC Living Fit & Well (Health & Physical Education) 

   This college in the high school course derives from a wellness-based approach emphasizing the relationship of physical activity and fitness to optimal health. This course presents current information about lifestyle factors affecting the participants' health. Focus is on developing strategies that improve health-related components of physical fitness, suchas flexibility, muscle strength, muscle endurance, cardiovascular-respiratory endurance, and body composition. Other topics to be discussed include: goal setting, motivation, nutrition, weight management, and stress management. Students develop individualized fitness plans and participate in a variety of physical activities. This is an excellent foundational course for pre-teaching Physical Education/ Exercise Science majors. A course fee is required.

HACC Math 103 (College Algebra)
Covers the fundamental algebraic operations, exponents and radicals, systems of equations, higher degree equations, logarithms, matrices, and inequalities.  This course will reinforce the concepts from Algebra I and II as well as preview some pre-calculus topics in order to prepare students for success in a Pre-Calculus course at CVHS or in college.  Students must meet the same requirements as those college students taking the course on the HACC Campus.

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