American Red Cross Meets Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 in room 170.
Advisor: Mrs. A. Dille

Anime/Japanese Club Anime club is a group that welcomes all individuals interested in Japan. The club investigates topics related to culture, history, and of course manga and anime. The club meets every Thursday in room 102 where the activities include games, discussions, art contests, and of course anime screenings. In January, the club takes a trip to Setsucon in Penn State, and in May the club traditionally does a Miyazaki month where the focus in on the work of legendary director Hayao Miyazaki.
Advisor: Mr.J Martin

Argus This activity/course is open to all high school students and meets every day during 5th period and after school when extra time is needed. The purpose of the activity/course is as follows:
1. to produce a memory book for the high school students
2. to provide an opportunity to present the school to the community
3. to afford an opportunity for the expression of the student's creative effort The activity/course demands responsibility, dependability and reliability on the part of the student. Students will learn copy-writing, layout and page design, cropping, interviewing, and proofreading. Text and layouts will be prepared using microcomputers. Students must complete and application and receive advisor recommendation in order to be enrolled in this activity.
Advisors: Mr. S.Bollinger and Mr. G.Lucas
Barefoot Players/Fall Play Barefoot players is a student organized theatre group that meets weekly throughout the school year. Their activities include theatre exercises, guest speakers, the Barefoot Festival and Shakespeare Festival. This group focuses on all aspects of theatrical production including technical writing, directing, acting and set design. Barefoot Players is an excellent program for students with an interest in theatre. Advisor: Mrs. A.Doody
Bass Fishing Team In the Bass fishing team we do tournaments vs other high schools and do competitions as a club too. If anyone is wishing to join the team, they should have prior fishing knowledge, and they should join before the end of January. We meet every other Thursday in room 276 from 3-4pm.
Advisor: Mr. R. Shaw
Brainbusters-Competitive Club Brainbusters is an academic competition team of students who have tried out and been selected to participate in the televised academic quiz. This is open to all students who come to compete. Four team members and one alternate will be selected Announcements are made sometime in September for the rounds to select team participants.
Advisor: Mr. A Thoman
Catholic Alliance Club (CAC) Advisor: Mrs. J. Pyers
Chinese Club Our main goal is to promote Chinese language among the native English speakers; coverthe cultural aspects that cannot be covered in Chinese classes. The CV Chinese Club is going to fill the gap and allow its members to see what both, traditional and modern Chinese culture was like.
Advisor: Mrs. L. Ziegler
Clay Club Advisor: Mrs. R. King
Club Green (Environmental) Club Green is a student led and driven environmental club where students can gather to have fun while learning, discussing, and acting at a local level to help better our environment. While this is our main focus, we also like to promote outdoor activities in order to foster more interest in our environment.
Advisor: Mrs. G. McVitty
Current Streaming Advisor: Mrs. M. Blacksmith
CV Animal Rights Alliance (CVARA) The majority of the world is unaware of what goes into the products they purchase and consume. We often eat and purchase whatever we want without being aware of the consequences. This club would make students smarter consumers and educate them about the meat/dairy/egg industries, basic biology, how government laws relating to animal welfare are actually implemented, social conditioning, how to cook and eat a healthy and balanced diet, and how to save money. We meet every Monday from 3:00-4:00 in room 294.
Advisor: Mr. D. Mihan
CV Eye CVEye is an elective/extra-curricular class that meets all six days of the cycle during sixth period. The class produces, from start to finish, an award winning pair of publications. The UPDATE is a bi-weekly, news-oriented paper, including news, sports, feature and editorial articles, as well as using photographs, charts and cartoons. The TALON is a feature magazine that is published once a year. There are limited positions available in the areas of writing, photography, art, layout and production, advertising and business management. All writing is word-processed, so applicants with typing skills will have an edge; however, necessary skills in both journalistic writing and production will be taught. Students who sign up for CV Eye must fill out a special application. The advisors’ signatures are required on the course selection sheets. Advisor: Mr. L. Mumma
CV Forward This club helps advocate the importance of equality among all people within the CV community. We aim to promote a sense of equality and provide a safe, welcoming environment for all students. CV Forward will gather to discuss the importance of various topics including civil rights, LGBT rights, gender equality and other issues facing our nation. Club meets every other Monday from 3:15-4:15.
Advisor: Ms. C.Uhrich
CV miniThon
Dance Team Advisor: Mrs. N. Maximowicz
Disney and Pixar Club In this club we watch movies, study the history of the films, study the parks, compare the old films vs the new films, do Disney related activities and celebrate Walt Disney's birthday. Club meets every Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 in room 202.
Advisor: Ms. M. Futato
District Arts Festival Committee
Advisor: Mrs. A. Rubinic
Doctor Who Club This club brings together fans of the BBC series Doctor Who. Past activities have included Doctor Who-themed discussions, trivia games, charades, and Pictionary. Members enjoy discussing the series, sharing snacks, and occasionally watching favorite episodes together. Come join us for some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey fun! Meeting time: Thursdays after school in room 123. CVTV will make an annnouncement on occasions when meetings need to be cancelled or shifted to a different day of the week.
Advisor: Mrs J.Lynch
Dungeons and Dragons Club Advisor: Mr. D. Mihan

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