College & Career Pathways Philosophy

College & Career Pathways Philosophy

First and foremost, Cumberland Valley School District is committed to working to ensure that all students meet the requirements to receive a high school diploma and have an equal opportunity to do so. Our students typically meet the bulk, if not all, of these requirements, including proficiency in state testing, by the end of grade 10 or 11. During this time, students master and demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a high school diploma; their educational capstone. Economically, during this time, students “learn to earn.” Cumberland Valley students can accelerate through the academic requirements by completing high school courses while in middle school, attending Term III (courses offered mid-June to late-July), by taking courses offered by the District online outside of the school day/year or through dual enrollment at local colleges and universities.

Once they begin to reach their capstone and move beyond, students make the transition from “learning to earn” to “earning to learn.” For some of our students, that transition may conclude directly after high school with a job placement. For others, the transition concludes after community college, advanced technical or trade school, or upon completion of a four-year degree from a competitive college or university. And for others, the transition will be after the completion of a post-secondary degree from highly competitive colleges, universities, or the military academies, or upon completion of a graduate degree. In all cases, the transition needs to ultimately end at a location in the economy that provides a life-sustaining wage, a low wage-to-educational-debt ratio, and an understanding that regardless of where they enter the economy, holding that place or advancing from that place requires the skills, knowledge, and commitment necessary to endeavor to be a life-long learner. During this time students set a critical foundation, a cornerstone, on which they continue building the skills to sustain and advance their place in the economy. As they set their economic cornerstone, every student should be asking themselves the following four questions:

           1. How do I transform my skills and passions into a meaningful place in the economy?
           2. How far have I come, how far do I need to go, and what do I have to do to reach that place?
           3. What opportunities are available that prepare and propel me toward that place?
           4. Once I arrive at that place, what understandings, skills, and motivations must I possess to hold or advance from that  

In pursuit of this mission and vision, it is not the intent of Cumberland Valley School District to work outside of existing structures, to do away with current programs that are leading to the success of our students, to lessen the important role that outstanding educators play in the lives of their students, to fail to value the caring educational community we share, or to disregard our proud CV traditions. The vision and mission are about layering 21st century educational opportunities into an already proven educational system so that Cumberland Valley School District continues to be a leader in public education, a school district of choice for parents who seek an outstanding public education for their children, and a vehicle to successfully lift our students into the county’s valued workforce over the next 50 years.


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